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Here’s How Multi-Family Developments Are Evolving To Meet New Demand

July 16, 2020

More and more our homes (apartments, condos) have become places where we live, work, play and socialize. The Great Quarantine underscored this for all of us… colors, lighting, sound, and even public areas are getting a re-look. Residents may want a “green” home option or one primarily designed for live/work… Market demands are changing and...
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Is It Time To Buy A Multifamily Investment Property?

July 10, 2020

The old rent vs. buy debate. Low interest rates might make buying a new house more appealing….but in a larger sense people are still turning to rentals for greater flexibility in living circumstances. And Millennials? They don’t want to be tied to a specific geographic location, necessarily. It could be work or just the romantic notion...
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Move Over, Texas. Florida is Now the No. 1 Moving Destination in America

June 11, 2020

This is good news for Orlando properties. Orlando is lower cost than South Florida, and the house prices are obviously cheaper. The distance from the ocean (about 100 miles) means less insurance and water intrusion risk. Orlando is a great place for you northerners!
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A Wave of ‘Build For Rent’ Communities Coming to South Florida | Fort Myers Florida Weekly

June 9, 2020

Another interesting article on homes for rent. The ideal size of a community is not yet flushed out, as the model is new. We prefer larger communities because they enjoy economies of scale. One engineer can handle many residents. With smaller complexes the overhead becomes too costly. This is all fascinating and then of course,...
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